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Astro-Coaching is teamwork and it's important that we first get to know each other and your chart before starting on a short or long-term coaching journey.

For this reason, coaching sessions are available after an astrological consultation.

I offer single sessions and tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs and objectives. My coaching fields are personal growth, spiritual emergence (or emergency), creativity, and life purpose.

Before committing to a single session or coaching package you can request a free 'discovery' session in which we explore your needs and find out how you can benefit from coaching. Please contact me for more information or an appointment:

Clients who have already discussed details with me in their astrological consultation, around the themes of life purpose or spiritual emergence, can conveniently book their choice of sessions below.

Packages & Prices

Coaching packages usually contain weekly 65 minute sessions. This can be alternated with 1/2 hour follow-up meetings when we are on a long-term journey. The duration of a package depends on your needs and goals. It might be as short as 2 to 3 weeks or extend over several months.

The pricing is 70 Euro per session and 40 Euro per follow-up. Flexible payment plans are available for long-term packages.

Booking Process

After your payment has been processed by PAYPAL you are automatically redirected to the BOOKING FORM. Please enter your details in this form. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a date and time for the appointment.


Inner Life Skills Coach About ILS Coaching

Follow Your Bliss

Be inspired to actualize your full potential!

In these sessions we are using your birth chart and coaching exercises to gain insights into your life direction and what you are most passionate about. Together we will explore how to bring you in alignment with your true self so that you can lead a more fulfilling life.


90 minute session/110,- Euro (+/- 130 USD)

3 x 65 minute sessions/210,- Euro (+/- 260 USD)


Spiritual Emergence

Experience powerful breakthroughs and awaken to new perspectives!

Astro-Coaching deepens one's understanding around the issues and objectives involved by combining effective coaching processes with natal & transit astrology.

During the coaching journey you will experience greater self-empowerment and self-awareness to find the solutions and action steps that are directly supportive of your personal & spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Emergence sessions are tailored to your needs so that you benefit as much as possible from each session. This may include enhancing objectivity, shifting your perspective to see the gifts and opportunities during a period of crisis, supporting the 'healer within', validating the process of spiritual emergence, facilitating shadow work (acceptance of repressed parts of the self), and resolving inner conflicts based on fears or limiting self-beliefs.

We will also pay attention to integrating powerful changes and insights, experienced during expanded states of awareness, to bring these forth into living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

The sessions are based on a transpersonal framework that acknowledges and honours the deeper dimensions of the psyche whilst supporting the discovery of your own unique understanding and core truths. You can therefore explore profound psychospiritual experiences in a fully supportive setting.


90 minute session/110,- Euro (+/- 130 USD)

3 x 65 minute sessions/210,- Euro (+/- 260 USD)


Follow-Up Session

30 minute session/40,- Euro (+/- 45 USD)