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Consultation by Phone and Skype

I work with clients around the world and offer consultations by phone and Skype (free download:

If you live in the U.S. and don’t have an internet connection you can also call me on Skype using your mobile or landline phone.

For this purpose I have set up a Skype number for San Francisco so you will pay only national phone rates.


My consultation rates offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Each session is packed with valuable information and leads to exceptional insights which you can immediately put to use in your life. Included in the price is a copy of your natal chart and an astrological legend, time maps with explanatory overview related to life cycles, and an MP3 recording of the consultation.

I do not turn clients away for lack of finances. If you cannot afford the standard rates please contact me for options:

Booking Process

After your payment has been processed by PAYPAL you will be automatically redirected to the BOOKING FORM. Please enter your details in this form. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a date and time for the appointment.

Please note that I do not offer consultations for children's charts. For more details please read my Terms & Conditions.

I work with adults 21+ years of age, who are open-minded towards astrology and sufficiently psychologically mature to engage in self-discovery.

Natal Chart

The horoscope is your personal mythology or life narrative. We explore your natal chart and how you can live it to its highest potential. Insights can be found around any area of your life that you wish to focus on. The consultation can shift your perspective, deepen your understanding, and reveal solutions around inner conflicts and obstacles, recurring patterns in life, childhood wounds, life crisis, relationships, health issues, financial or professional goals, creativity, finding meaning and purpose.


90 minute session/95,- Euro (+/- 105 USD)

Life Cycles

Life cycles are the 'seasons of the soul'. They indicate major developmental phases, tipping points, periods of crisis, peak experiences and opportunities for change and healing. Life cycles correlate both to outer events and psychospiritual experiences. The consultation will help you understand the quality, meaning and duration of the major astrological aspects to your natal chart over the next 6-12 months. We will look at what is required to find a way through challenges or crisis, how you can reinforce positive trends, and what the best possible potential and expression of the configurations are.

The Life Cycles session is recommended for returning clients who have already discussed their natal chart with me, or who are not booking a specialized topic (see selection below).


90 minute session/95,- Euro (+/- 105 USD)


Heart-2-Heart is a specially designed consultation to learn more about love, intimacy and relationships, within an unfolding process of personal and spiritual development. By shedding light on the often mysterious dynamics that govern our experiences and perceptions of others, AstroPsychology is an exceptionally powerful guide for manifesting authentic soul based relationships.

The consultation does not have to be restricted to romance or marriage, you may also choose to discuss other meaningful relationships (family, etc.).

The single session provides sufficient time to focus on a core issue and explore one or two major chart configurations. It is highly focused with the intention to get to the ‘heart’ of the matter and deeply expand self-awareness.

The double session is recommended for an analysis of all major chart aspects. Each 2 hour consultation takes place on a seperate day. Timing between dates is flexible - it's often beneficial to spend some time revisiting the recording of the first session before proceeding to the second consultation.

With both sessions we can unlock the full potential of your chart in the context of relationships. The consultation concludes with a synthesis of our discoveries to provide an empowering, insightful overview of your Heart-2-Heart journey.

You can book a single session first and then decide to continue with the second consultation at a later date. Booking both sessions together gives you the advantage of a 10% discount.


2 hour session/125 Euro (+/- 145 USD)


2 x 2 hour session/225 Euro (+/- 260 USD)

Spiritual Emergency

Profound inner transformation is accompanied by what is known as 'spiritual emergence'. When changes are too rapid and the inner states so demanding and unfamiliar, this journey towards self-awareness and wholeness becomes a 'spiritual emergency'. The natal chart can be used as an inner map to guide you through periods of transformational crisis. We will look at the different levels of the 'spiritual emergency' and their deeper meaning, how you might overcome inner obstacles and support yourself and cooperate fully in realizing the transformative potential of your experiences. The transit analysis (life cycles) for the current period will also help clarify time frames and how the stages of the process are unfolding archetypally.

This is an intense 2 hour exploration using your chart and life cycles.


2 hour session/135,- Euro (+/- 150 USD)

Sacred Medicine Path

In this consultation we look at sessions from your sacred medicine /psychedelic journeys to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences and what they mean for your evolutionary purpose and personal growth. The natal chart & transits help clarify the biographical, perinatal and transpersonal content, and how the various themes connect to each other. This allows you to see the ‘bigger picture’, it facilitates integration and healing, and supports you in overcoming inner obstacles. We can also discuss the archetypal windows of opportunity currently active for the planning of upcoming sessions or for complementary therapeutic, spiritual and creative activities.

This is an intense 2 hour exploration using your chart and life cycles.


2 hour session/135,- Euro (+/- 150 USD)

Mind-Body Practice

We explore your chart to increase your self-knowledge, intensify soul work, and develop your mind-body practice (yoga, meditation, mindfulness therapy, tai chi, breathwork, etc.) towards a more balanced sense of self. The underlying source of recurring negative patterns, inner obstructions, and challenging life situations can be excavated to help you gain deep insights, achieve breakthroughs, and feel more empowered on your spiritual path. The transit analysis for the current period shows how you can align yourself with the archetypal energies on a soul level in everyday life and for retreats, workshops, intense training, or other focused practice.


90 minute session/95,- Euro (+/- 105 USD)

Vocation & Career Transitions

Find the clarity you need around career and business, manifesting your higher purpose, expressing unique talents, or pursuing a change in your life path. We will look at relevant chart configurations, the current archetypal stage of your life, as well as important life cycles over the next 6-12 months, to get a richly detailed understanding within ‘big picture’ insights.

Popular themes are: expressing an inner calling; business start-up or expansion; living your dream as a profession; career change; relationships with co-workers, supervisors and clients; balancing work with other areas of life; creative projects (such as writing a book, etc.).


90 minute session/95,- Euro (+/- 105 USD)

Follow-Up Session

Follow-up sessions support the ongoing process of deepening understanding of the themes discussed in the intial consultation and the natal chart as a whole. These sessions can be booked as an ongoing exploration, giving you the opportunity to gain insight and clarification within shorter time frames than the 'Life Cycles' consultation. You can choose between 60 and 90 minute sessions. For most purposes the 90 minute session is recommended so that we have sufficient time to engage in a process of intense discovery.

Follow-Up Session

Gift Certificate

An astrological consultation is a wonderful gift for friends & family on birthdays or any time of the year! With this Paypal gift certificate you can choose the amount.


Ethical Guidelines

I offer a safe, empathetic, non-judgemental and confidential space for my clients. As a professional astrologer I am committed to the code of ethics as outlined by the Academy of AstroPsychology and ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), and follow the ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Core Competencies for the coaching profession.


Academy of AstroPsychology

ICF Coach Federation