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What Is Self-Empowerment Coaching?Self-Empowerment Coaching

Self-empowerment coaching is designed to help you move from dissatisfaction with your life to an experience of your true and vibrant self.


About Spiritual EmergencySpiritual Emergency Support

I support individuals undergoing crisis of transformation known as
‘spiritual emergency’: an intelligent, challenging, and accelerated process
of healing and evolution.

"Examining current transits can be extremely useful in the work with
individuals undergoing spiritual emergencies."
Stanislav Grof M.D.


Astrology IdentityPlanetary Archetypes

Enjoy watching creative short videos for each planetary archetype to learn general concepts and grasp the 'bigger picture'.

Part 1: Inner Planets

Part 2: Outer Planets

psychedelic sessions astrologySacred Medicine & Astrology

Astrology has great value for sacred medicine sessions, psychedelic therapy, and all forms of experiential healing work. Combined with perinatal and transpersonal psychology it provides a key to understanding the nature and content of non-ordinary states of consciousness, it reveals the cognitive structures of the psyche and emotionally charged memories, and offers
a map to navigate, integrate, and plan the complex inner journey.


Mythodea - Astrology and Art

A brief discussion of Kathleen Battle's horoscope reveals how her artistic projects reflect configurations in her chart. We will also explore some of the challenges and how she worked through them to achieve greater self-empowerment during her career. Includes a video excerpt from the live performance of Mythodea in Greece.