Nadja Meta







Planetary Archetypes II

The Outer Planets

Watch a powerful audio-visual introduction on the archetypal meaning of each outer planet. The presentations are based on leading-edge transpersonal psychology and archetypal astrology. Each video conveys the complex depth of the archetypal forces in an evocative, creative way to facilitate an impactful and direct holistic understanding.

I encourage you to spend time revisiting each video to contemplate on the images and music. Take note of the free associations, insights, and feelings this sets free. As you look at the videos in more depth, you might notice how further meaning emerges in the story arc. For example, in the Neptune video there are two images showing the disintegration of boundaries or personal identity. The first example, however, shows an unintegrated or unconscious version leading to psychological and physical breakdown. In the second example, we see the conscious and integrated form of dissolution experienced as an expansive state of self on a spiritual path. Neptune corresponds to psychosis and mystical states, which is why madness and the divine lie so close together.

Perhaps these videos inspire you to create your own archetypal project using storytelling, music, images, or movement and dance. I would love to hear from you and learn from your ideas!