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Red Book Dialogues

Katherine Sanford and Jack Kornfield explore some of the practical applications of Jung’s ideas, such as active imagination and sand play, and they talk about how we can come to terms with our suffering by going on our own unique inner journey or soul retrieval.

Kornfield openly talks about his abusive childhood and search for the meaning
of suffering. Both emphasize how our wounds carry the gifts that lead us on a redemptive path towards compassion and wisdom.

They also look at the rebirth that follows the dark night and provide a guided meditation to help you discover your hidden inner gifts.

Katherine Sanford's book 'The Serpent and the Cross - Spanning the Split through Active Imagination' (2006) documents through symbolic archetypal imagery the life saving inner journey of her individuation process and was published in her 89th year. She has lectured nationally and internationally and continues her work with clients.



Red Book Dialogues: Jack Kornfield & Katherine Sanford
from Hammer Museum on Vimeo.