Nadja Meta

Terms & Conditions

Payment and Appointments

All astrological consultations and coaching sessions have to be paid in advance via Paypal. After receiving your payment and the booking form I will send you a personal email. This contains a suggested time for the consultation or coaching session based on your time zone and availability. Please confirm the appointment as soon as possible to insure the suggested appointment time is still available.

To receive consultations or coaching sessions you must be 21 years of age or over. If you are booking a consultation as a gift for another person, both the purchaser and the recipient must also be 21 years of age or over.


Cancellations are possible 3 days (72 hours) in advance. There is a 10,- Euro cancellation fee. Alternatively, you can schedule for a new appointment instead (also 3 days advance notice please).

Birth Data

The client is responsible for providing accurate birth data or informing me about any doubts regarding the birth data in the booking form. There is no refund during or after a consultation if the birth data I received turns out to be inaccurate. The cancellation policy (see above) also applies.

Consultation & Coaching by Phone and Skype

I am based in Spain and offer astrological consultations and coaching by phone and Skype. Skype can be downloaded and used for free here:

If you are living in the U.S. and don’t have an internet connection you can also call me on Skype using your mobile or landline phone. For this purpose I have set up a Skype number for San Francisco and you will pay only national phone rates.

If you have Skype and a reliable broadband service I prefer to use the Skype video option. This usually works great for most countries. However, in case of internet difficulties please also be prepared to call me on my mobile phone.

Please be aware that the cost of telephone calls from various networks to mobile phones can vary significantly. Before booking a telephone consultation without Skype, please seek info from your particular network about the cost of a phone call per minute to a mobile phone in Spain. Contact me if the rate seems too high, because I can probably call you instead at a lower rate (which I would charge via Paypal before our appointment).


The astrological consultation can be recorded with your permission. Within 24 hrs after the consultation you will receive an email with the download link for the MP3 file of the recording.

Legal Clause

I reserve the right to decline to do any particular astrological consultation or coaching session.

The consultation or coaching session you are booking will be given in good faith and I hope it will be helpful. It is personal to you and not applicable to anyone else. Any use you make of the consultation or coaching session is entirely at your own risk.

The author Nadja Meta is not liable in law or otherwise to you or any other third party for any loss whatsoever whether economic or personal arising out of the use of this consultation. You agree to indemnify the author Nadja Meta from any action, claim, or loss arising out of its use.

The website and author Nadja Meta is not responsible or liable for any personal, business, financial, or health decisions you make following any discussion or personal consultation. If you have a medical problem or concern, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. I do not advise on mental health issues and do not provide astrological consultations or coaching sessions for persons who have serious/chronic addictions. I do not give advice or comment upon the proceedings or outcome of legal cases. If you have a legal issue, please seek advice from a qualified practitioner of the law. I also do not comment or advise on financial investments, the stock market, or financial ventures. With your booking you confirm having read the Terms and Conditions and to accept these as forming the basis of the legal transaction.