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yantra AstroPsychology


I support adults who are on a path of inner transformation and spiritual growth to embrace and create change in their life.

At some point in our lives we yearn for creative self-renewal, yet often hit a wall and get stuck in old patterns and fears that reinforce doubt, anxiety, and insecurity.

Actualizing our potential is seldom a wonderful hike up a mountain on a sunny day. There are storms, dark nights, and hardships along the way which take us to the limit, challenging our restricted self-image and worldview.

During periods of crisis or intense inner work these challenges are intensified and can rise to the surface in dramatic ways. We may at times feel over-whelmed emotionally, mentally, and physically.

When major transitions unfold, the struggle with our primarily unconscious limiting self-beliefs and inner conflicts tends to reach a peak before we get a glimpse of the liberating summit.

An openness to self-exploration, using powerful tools such as Astro-Psychology, helps us engage in processes of renewal and embrace the changes that are necessary to further our evolution and life purpose... making us equipped to climb any mountain and be a change agent.


From limitation to liberation: allowing your true self to emerge.

The knowledge gained from the natal chart opens up deeper levels of under-standing, gives you the big picture insights, and facilitates breakthroughs that bring you into alignment with your authentic self.

As you see new perspectives and develop trust in your unique adventure towards greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, challenges along the way turn into opportunities of profound significance for yourself and the greater whole.

You will discover how to tap into your own sources of wisdom and healing, unleash creativity, and apply your insights in practical steps to establish a more empowered, vibrant and balanced life.


Insights and enlightened solutions can be found around:


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yantra Transpersonal & Archetypal Dimension


Grounded in my own life experience and spiritual explorations I assist clients in deepening their understanding of the 'inner landscape', the subconscious and archetypal realm, and integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness.

This may also include discussing the preparation and timing of retreats, therapeutic sessions and sacred medicine journeys.

The sessions may combine various tools such as AstroPsychology, dreamwork, and a shadow integration process. My approach is embedded within an open-minded archetypal and transpersonal perspective that honours your unique path and experiences.


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